About Silver Touch Sourcing

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I, Syed Rony, Chief Operating Officer, Silver Touch Sourcing writing this letter on behalf of our company to introduce us and to give you an idea about our work and services we provide to Bangladesh Armed Forces.

Silver Touch Sourcing is a Registered Indenting and Supplying Company focusing its activities mainly in the Defense/Military/Home Security Sector of Bangladesh. The company is exclusively approved by Bangladesh Navy to handle the supply of defense product & equipment’s.

Silver Touch Sourcing engaged in business with Bangladesh Army, Navy, Air Force, Bangladesh Ordnance Factories, Bangladesh Coast Guard, Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory Ltd under Bangladesh Army and other government, semi government Organizations in Bangladesh for last few years with good profile as of today directly and with our Partner Companies. Continues to leverage its core strengths in innovation that provides systems, services and support to defense and government organizations of Bangladesh having the cooperation and support of those world class manufacturers/dealers/companies that have trusted us with the agency/distributorship.

Silver Touch Sourcing is Specializes in Naval Equipment’s and Marine Technologies. It has unique expertise in terms of serving Bangladesh Navy. We provide multi-faceted solutions to these maritime defense institutions. Our depth of engineering services is well supported with the Naval Equipment’s, Various Type of Boats, Naval Special Forces Safety Equipment’s, Maritime Armor System including a lot to yet mention. Our CEO, Commander M Fakhrul Islam is a Retired Naval Commander who himself a Naval Architect and served 22 years very successfully in Bangladesh Navy with an incredible reputation for his professional knowledge and experience. He was also trained in HMS SULTAN, Gasport, Hampshire, UK with Royal Navy officers for a year. He played an important role in first ever Naval Ship Building in Bangladesh that took place in Khulna Shipyard Ltd under Bangladesh Navy. He was also responsible for re-powering the entire squadron of Chinese Missile Boats with British engines.

We are tied up with our partner companies to provide consultation and technical service to carryout the re-powering of Ex RN Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) and huge future shipbuilding projects of Bangladesh Navy namely construction of OPV’s, MCMV’s, Submarine Support Vessel, Logistic Ship, Ocean Going Tug, etc. In addition there is one very big project of making a slipway/dockyard for Bangladesh Navy in Khulna area and another one comparatively smaller for Bangladesh Coast Guard close to Dhaka. We are closely providing consultation and technical service to Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory Ltd under Bangladesh Army to establish a state of the art plant to make military uniform’s all metallic items such as cap badges, shoulder ranks, buttons, belt buckles, insignias, medals, name plates, etc. This is going to be the first of its kind in Bangladesh. This is entirely our CEO’s idea and concept which gladly accepted by Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory Ltd. Again we are in pursuance to establish more plant in Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory Ltd to produce military oriented goods, what at this moment Bangladesh Armed Forces are importing.

We are also linked up with MSI Defence Systems Ltd. UK for introduction of their guns in Bangladesh Armed forces through our partner company. Our British team had a great presentation in Naval Headquarters and Coast Guard Headquarters last month and we were able to draw their huge interest towards MSI products. Another huge step taken by us through our partner company with another British company CHINDIT Defence Technologies (CDT) LLP for the construction of Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV’s) either in Bangladesh or in UK under supervision of Ferguson Marine, Glasgow (Which is part of Type 31 Frigate) and also for Transfer of Technologies and providing technical support and training of the shipyards personnel in UK. In addition we pursuing through CHINDIT regarding huge military soft loan from UK for Bangladesh Navy. We are also very close to make a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between CHINDIT and Dockyard and Engineering Works Ltd (a complete shipyard) under Bangladesh Navy near Dhaka for construction of ships, transfer of technologies and training shipyard personnel either in UK or in Bangladesh. A team from CHINDIT, UK also had a great presentation in Naval Headquarters last month and we were able to draw their kind interest towards their offers.